Nike, Michael Jordan commits $140 million to support the black community

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Photo by Bogdan Glisik from Pexels

Michael Jordan, National Basketball Association legend, in collaboration with Nike, has announced a $140 million commitment to the black community for a passage of ten coming years. According to a statement from the corporation, the amount will be used to assist and invest in organizations that prioritize social justice, education, and tackling racial disparity all over America.

While speaking out against systemic racism, Nike CEO John Donahoe stated that institutional racism and the events that have unfolded throughout America in recent weeks serve as an urgent reminder of the need for sustained reform in our society. Everyone is aware that Black Lives Matter. And there is a need to learn more about the challenges that Black people confront and recognize the great hardship and needless tragedy that racial hatred causes. He further added that the Nike group will never cease aiming to be a role model for operating as a diverse organization. They will keep working to be more representative of our customers while also contributing to the areas we serve.

Over the past few years, the brand has worked on building a diverse workforce and successfully expanded accountability estimates in terms of inclusion within the organization. The brand has always been on the front line to rescue when it comes to social injustice, like the recent “Just don’t do it” trend which denounced the murder of George Floyd by police officers.

The corporation shows no indications of slowing down, and it intends to invest millions in the Black community over the coming years.


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