Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay is Launching a new restaurant in Boston

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Gordon Ramsay, the celebrity chef known for his wrath as much as his cuisine, is establishing a new restaurant in Back Bay. The boisterous British celebrity chef Ramsay’s Kitchen will debut before the end of the year at the old Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Massachusetts. Like many restaurateurs, the COVID-19 epidemic put British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s expansion ambitions on hold. However, now that Americans are dining out again in droves, Ramsay is planning his US expansion, which will include a new concept in Boston.

Ramsay’s Kitchen will open before the end of the year, taking over the 7,000-square-foot area previously held by Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. The 180-seat restaurant, which will employ 160 employees, is the first to operate under Ramsay’s newest dining concept. In addition to the main dining room, Ramsay’s Kitchen will have a raw bar, bar, and lounge space, two private dining spaces, and a seasonal terrace. According to today’s announcement, it will feature Ramsay’s favorite dishes, including beef Wellington and lobster and clam bouillabaisse. It will be open all day, as one would expect from a hotel restaurant.

The restaurant’s decor is designed to convey a Boston vibe: the rear bar, for example, will contain a homage to the Zakim Bridge, while blue marble will reflect the waves of Boston Harbor. Ramsay’s Kitchen is part of the Gordon Ramsay North America restaurant company, which has ten locations in Vegas, Atlantic City, and elsewhere. Under the umbrella, there are numerous distinct concepts, and this is the first Ramsay’s Kitchen. Ramsay said in a statement that he likes the energy of Boston and considers it a premier dining destination in the country. It will be his first-ever Ramsay’s Kitchen, and he can’t wait to launch it in the heart of Boston’s lively Back Bay neighborhood.

Ramsay said he’s thinking about opening more restaurants in Boston and around New England. He claimed he fell in love with the Boston region when he came to film his show “Kitchen Nightmares” around a decade ago. The new eatery will include iconic dishes from Ramsay’s previous restaurants, such as Beef Wellington, as well as new menu items such as Lobster and Clam Bouillabaisse. The interior design would communicate a calm elegance, according to Ramsay North America, the chef’s restaurant development business.


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